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Do it Yourself and save save save!

In today’s hectic world, there are so many products we can buy dedicated to saving you time and effort – from dishwashers to instant rice! And they DO make life a little easier for us all.

BUT – they come at a price. And the cost of this convenience can hit your hip pocket pretty hard.

So, if you are in a real financial squeeze, then putting the effort in to do it yourself can save you a lot of money.

Here are some examples:

’Instant’ foods
- instant foods like frozen dinners, freeze dried foods, instant rice/ potato etc. are marketed as saving you heaps of time in the kitchen and reduced cooking times (and therefore reduced power costs).

But they are expensive to purchase, compared with buying the raw ingredients and cooking the food yourself – even when adding in the additional power use.

So unless you REALLY struggle to get organised with cooking meals, then try ditching the instant products and buy the raw ingredients instead.

’Packaged’ foods - packaged snack foods like the mini-packets of chips and biscuits you can buy to put into school lunches, are a great way of portioning out these snacks – but you guessed it, you pay a little more for this convenience.

You can save this cost by buying the product in bulk and then dividing the food up yourself, either into plastic reusable food containers, or plastic lunch bags (again, reusable if they don’t get thrown away).

And if you have the time, home made cookies and cakes are great lunch box fillers, rather than the processed varieties.

Cleaning Products - You can make your own cleaning products from ammonia, vinegar, water and a few other basic ingredients. Check out these cheap cleaning ideas.

Similarly, Google home made beauty products and see what you find to make yourself, rather than paying for those expensive potions that don’t work.

Pet food - Our dog eats pretty well anything, so dog food at our place comprises lefts overs and some supplemental dry dog food.

Dishwashers – a fantastic invention if you have one! But in addition to the cost of buying one in the first place, dishwashers:

  • Use more power than washing the dishes by hand, so your power costs are higher.
  • May use more water (and hot water at that) – but you can get water efficient ones that don’t.
  • Use much more expensive cleaning agents than traditional detergents. The tablets are particularly expensive.
So if you have a dishwasher and want to save some cash, try washing dishes in the sink for a while instead!

Other Kitchen Appliances - You can get a kitchen appliance for just about anything these days. And if you already own one, then they probably don’t use any more power than anything else in the kitchen. But my advice here is just don’t go and buy every latest kitchen fad that comes along!

Clothes washers and dryers - Now with 2 boys under 5, then a clothes washer is NOT a luxury item. But we still hang the washing on the line rather then using a dryer. As well as the initial purchase cost of a dryer, they consume a lot of power and wear out your clothes a lot faster too.

Vege Gardens - Grow your own vegetable garden. It’s great for the kids, healthy and cheap! Here’s a guide.

Gifts- If it’s the through that counts when giving, then there’s nothing more thoughtful than hand made gifts. Find something you’re good at - baking, woodwork, sewing etc. – and give from the heart.

Check out these craft ideas to get you thinking about what you can do.
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