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Environmental Savings

Everything you do has an impact – on the environment and on your wallet!

We consume water, power [mostly through fossil fuels] and forests. As a product of this consumption, we create millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases and waste to landfill every year – and we are paying the utilities companies money to do it!

But because the biggest impact we have on the environment is from the consumption of resources, we CAN make a difference. Undertake environmental savings audit of your home and your lifestyle and see where YOU can make a difference.

And here are some tips…

Tips for instant impact on your wallet and the environment

  • Cut back on power use – turn off lights and appliances when not in use, minimise use of high energy appliances (typically anything involving heating and cooling), use a fan rather than air conditioning, chose natural ventilation and drying where possible and reduce your use of hot water.
  • Cut back on water use – have shorter showers, reuse greywater for garden watering, sweep rather than hose down outdoors areas, don’t let the hose or taps run when not being used, install water efficient taps and fixtures.
  • Leave the car at home – walk, ride a bike or use public transport (or a combination of these). It’s better for your health too!
  • Choose products that have minimal or no packaging. You pay for packaging and end up throwing it out – how wasteful and costly is that!
  • Reduce your intake of meat – meat and processed products in general have a large environmental footprint. And they are costly!
  • Use home made cleaning products – they are cheaper and not as toxic, and usually work just as well.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce your consumption of everything you don’t really need. Reuse products where possible and avoid disposable items. Make your own compost and chose products that are recycled or recyclable.
Purchasing Tips for Longer term benefits
Here are some more tips to reduce your impact on the environment, and will save money in the long term – but may take some time to pay off:
  • Go Solar! Or other alternative form of energy. Depending on where you live (climate wise) you may be able to install a solar power system to power your house. And excess energy can be sold back to the power company! This costs a lot of money to set up, but will pay for itself in less than 10 years.
  • Chose efficient hot water systems – solar or instantaneous gas systems cost a little more to install, but save you power in the long term.
  • Install water efficient taps and fixtures – not a high cost item, and will probably pay for itself in a couple of years.
  • When your current appliances need replacing, chose water and energy efficient ones. The super efficient ones cost a little more, but it’s worth it in the long run.
  • When it’s time to upgrade your car, chose a fuel efficient car as a replacement. Hybrids, electric cars and diesel engines again will cost a little more, but you will save on fuel and the environment.
  • Insulate your home to reduce heating and cooling costs.

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