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FREE Stuff

We are always on the look out for websites that offer great downloads and FREE stuff for money, finance and success.

Here are some of the ones we’ve found and recommend – and yes, they’re all FREE (and obligation free too – they are all safe for you to try):

  • 7 FREE Lessons on the Science of Getting Rich - this is a great introduction to applying the science of getting rich and gives you enough to really get your teeth into it and start making a real difference in your life.
  • Accelerated Wealth Attraction sessions guaranteed to at least triple your wealth in 40 days or less using the Law of Attraction.
  • Break Free Now” – an e-book by Mohamad Latiff of Ultimate Secrets of The book will show you how to free yourself of what’s holding you back so you can achieve your full potential.
  • Brian Tracy’s 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires - Brian Tracy is a successful motivational speaker and in this CD of free stuff he gives away all of his secrets for success!
  • E-Business e-books from SBI! – you’ll find some of these in the ToolBOX in the section on E-Business Tools, but the SBI! website has several more FREE e-books on various aspects of establishing an internet based business. I recommend “MYLW” [Make your links work] – invaluable advice for ALL websites, commercial or not – and “MYCPS” [Make your content pre-sell] for great advice on how to write ‘internet’ style
  • Affirmation E-Course by Affirmware – Affirmations have long been recognized as a powerful tool for manifesting desires. This FREE course is packed with practical suggestions to get you started.
  • Rich Dreams E-course – another 7 part course on how to attract wealth and abundance through positive thought. Recommended though as the more informed you are, the more you’ll be able to apply these theories. Rich Dreams has also supplied an article for this site on “The Big Secret”.
  • Manifesting - a FREE E-book on the principles of successful manifesting. Or get a copy of it here.
  • Achieve Goal Setting Success - achieve your life time dreams and financial goals using these free tools and templates, including a tutorial style workbook on goal setting. Set and achieve your financial (and other) goals today.

And don’t forget to check out all of the FREE stuff in the ToolBOX or try the websites recommended on our Links page for more free stuff and information and ‘how to’ advice on money, finance and success.

If you find any other websites on your travels that you think offer great (and FREE) money and finance resources, then let us know so we can share your discovery with our readers.

We are not certified financial planners or advisors. The information in this website is general information only. Always consult a licensed financial planner before making any finance or investment decision.

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