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Health and fitness on a budget

Your health isn’t something you should mess with and you should always seek medical advice and treatment when you need to – even if it does cost.

But to look after your everyday health and fitness, there are some cheap alternatives to gyms and expensive fad diets.

Healthy Eating on a budget

If you have ever joined a diet plan or club, or tried the prepared diet foods from the supermarket, then you’ll realise that diet food is very expensive. But don’t get this confused with healthy food – which is quite affordable if you know what to look for….

  • Drink lots of water. And TAP water is fine!
  • Cut back on take-away meals - they are fatty, salty and processed – and they cost more than eating at home.
  • Grow your own fruit and veges – or at least grow what you can! Fresh is best for your health and it’s cheap too!
  • Cut back on meat, and eat more beans, lentils and other protein rich grains.
  • Fill up on leafy green vegetable.
Getting Fit on a budget
Gyms and fitness clubs are a great way to keep fit, but gym fees and training sessions can be quite costly. But the good news is that you don’t need to join a gym or fitness club to get fit! And you don’t need to purchase any expensive home exercise equipment either…
  • Just walk or ride a bike! Or jog for a higher level of intensity. You can do this anywhere, anytime for free.
  • Start your own training group with your neighbours or friends – it’s excellent motivation and you can all learn from each other.
  • Weights can be made from a number of household items – bottles filled with sand, sand bags, and so on.
  • Try Pilates type exercises where you use your own body weight to provide the resistance for strength training – you can Google free pilates exercises too.
So you don’t have to spend a fortune to look after your health.

And PLEASE cut back on cigarettes and excessive alcohol – as well as being bad for your health, cigarettes and excessive alcohol costs a lot of money.

Quitting bad habits can be hard, so try reducing your consumption of these items by a little bit each week. For example, if you normally smoke 10 cigarettes per day, at the start of the day get out 9 cigarettes as your daily ration. After a week, drop to 8 cigarettes per day and so on until you quit altogether!
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