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Health Insurance

While health care in modern society is quite good by all accounts, medical treatment can be very costly and health insurance is a common method of off-setting personal medical costs. And particularly for non-life-threatening conditions, having medical insurance allows you to receive the required treatment immediately, rather than waiting for up to several years on the public system waiting list.

But health insurance is probably one of the most expensive forms of personal insurance so it’s important to pick the right policy for you so you get the optimal cover for your circumstances without spending more than you have to.

Some pointers with health insurance:

  • Understand your medical history and your family’s health history too – this information can help you decide the extent of cover you might need. If you are young, fit and healthy with no family history of anything then you probably don’t need as much cover as someone older with a family history of every known health complaint!
  • Make sure your insurer knows your health history – ad be honest! If you are a chronic smoker – you MUST tell your insurer. Sure, your premiums may be higher or they may refuse to insure you for lung conditions, but it’s better than them refusing all claims because you were dishonest in your dealings with them.
  • What do want cover for – do you want to include dental, physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery and alternative therapies? You can get cover for these, but at a price! Maybe you’re better off paying for them as required or saving up for that boob job instead!
  • Use the services you pay for – if you include dental in your health insurance plan, then make sure you get dental check-ups! The good thing about health insurance is that it does encourage you to look after yourself.
  • Make the most of family policies – you can usually get good discounts for multiple family members in the one policy.

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