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Make money on the Internet

The evolution of the Internet has meant that everyday people have easy access to a range of information and opportunities.

It also provides an opportunity for unscrupulous operators to take advantage of Internet users, with promises of get-rich-quick schemes and offers. There are probably more scams on the internet than genuine schemes, so be ware!

Yes – you can make money on the Internet, but there are precautions you need to take and some schemes you just need to avoid. See the page on scams

And of course there is no such thing as a ‘money for nothing’ scheme – all money-making ventures require some kind of input from you. This input can either be your financial input (ie your money) or your time – both of which are important to you.

It is therefore important that before considering any internet money making scheme, you determine realistically what you are prepared to input to the process in terms of your time and your money. You also need to be prepared to lose this input, as any venture has a degree of risk associated with it.

Money making schemes on the Internet generally fit into one of the following types:
  • Paid Surveys and reading emails - There are many sites where you can register to undertake market surveys and receive marketing emails. You then get paid to complete issued surveys and read the marketing emails.
  • Become an infopreneur – and earn money through referral schemes, affiliate programs and web page advertising. Anyone can do it!
  • Day Trading - online share trading and exchange trading is an option If you’ve happy to put up some cash, make money through capitalising on the natural and daily highs and lows of these markets. This is RISKY business though, so be prepared to lose.
  • eBay and other internet auction sites - You can sell unwanted possessions or even market your own products through sites like eBay. Or you can set up your own net-based auction site.
  • You can also trade on eBay – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Trade up and up and up – again, it takes time but you can do some remarkable things!
Given that you can’t get something for nothing, you can either put up some cash and try your hand at share or exchange trading – remembering that there is a high level of risk that go with these – or put in some long hours with the online business options.

By far the best return on your time investment is if you become an infopreneur – develop your own unique website to share your knowledge with the world! You can then earn money from this website through advertising, affiliate programs and maybe even selling some of your own products or services.

Check out the FREE e-books in the ToolBOX under the section on E-Business Tools for great advice on how to get started….

Remember though that it does take time – and a lot of it! You won’t make a successful website overnight, but you can do it over time with the right direction.
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