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Luxury on a Budget

When budgets get tight, it’s the luxury items that get cut out first. And so they should – paying the power bill or putting food on the table should always go before buying that pair of designer shoes.

But sometimes it’s nice to have a little luxury too. So try the following ideas:


  • Go camping! Glamorise it by pretending you’re doing a Survivor show.
  • Holiday off-season – talk to your kids teachers. They maybe able to assign some ‘holiday work’ to allow you to take a family break during term time.
  • Utilise budget tickets and accommodation – but read the fine-print, particularly on cancellation clauses.
  • You can sometimes get rental cares cheap if they need to be returned to a particular location – great road trip option if you’re not picky about the destination. But always have both travel directions worked out before you go.
Goods and Products
  • By second hand – furniture, vehicles and so on.
  • Shop at thrift shops – many of them sell designer clothes for a fraction of the new price.
  • Go to garage sales or try eBay - you never know what you’ll find.
  • Make it yourself – you can make many luxury products your self! Beauty products, bakes goods, etc. are all expensive luxury items that you can just make yourself.
  • Fake it! Keep your brand name food packaging and refill with no-brand versions!

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