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Paid Surveys and Marketing emails

Can you earn money from taking part in Paid Surveys and reading sponsored emails?

Well, maybe. There are many sites where you can register to undertake market surveys and receive marketing emails. You then get paid to complete issued surveys and read the marketing emails.

So what’s the catch?

Well it comes back to the fundamental principle of ‘effort and reward’. Or ‘risk and return’. You aren’t going to get rich overnight from doing a couple of surveys and reading some emails! Low effort, low reward!

In fact, you don’t get paid much at all for individual surveys or emails – why? Because there is little or no risk on your part. Low risk, low return.

The only way to make decent money here is to do lots of them! High effort, higher return. And it can be interesting doing these surveys and reading selected emails, but make sure you keep the following things in mind before you sign up for any paid survey program:

Know how you are going to be rewarded
The concept with paid surveys and email marketing is that you are paid or rewarded for completing a market survey or reading a marketing email.

This payment or reward can take several forms including:

  • Cash payment – which can be as low as 5 cents for reading an email or over $10 for taking part in a survey. The more time consuming the activity, the more cash you should be paid.
  • Points – where you are allocated a certain number of points for reading an email or completing a survey. The points can then be exchanged for certain items or gift vouchers.
  • Entries into prize draw – some marketing companies enter your details into a cash prize draw, which can be quite substantial. The down side of this reward system of course is that you may never win a prize and therefore never be rewarded for your efforts.
Reading emails and completing surveys is not a get-rich-quick scheme – it takes time to do the work and accrue any decent income.

Work smarter, not harder
Searching around for marketing companies can also be time consuming. So if you want to try this option, it is worth while registering through a survey register that then links you to survey providers. But NEVER pay to join such a program – these ones are usually the ones with dodgy providers.

Some survey directories also offer software to help you complete your surveys by automating the completion of personal data that may be requested. And you DO have to provide personal data, but be wary of any site that requests banking details!

Watch out for scams

…and don’t get sucked in by the marketing hype (unless it’s for something you REALLY need anyway).

You may come across some low cost or free trial offers in these schemes too – again, don’t feel pressured to accept these offers, unless it’s something you really want anyway.

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