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Save Money at Home

If you added up all of your expenses, you’d be amazed by how much money you spend on your domestic affairs. So here are some tips to save money at home:


  • Look for better deals – telephone plans, insurances, loans and other service plans may all be able to be re-financed to give you a better deal. Of course, take into account any contractual obligations you may have with the service. Have you got the most out of your service plans?
  • Read the fine print – a lot of purchases sound great from the hype, but have a not so obvious cost. For example, mobile phone ring tones seem cheap on the surface until you read the fine print and realise it’s a subscription service that costs 10 times more than you expect it to. Hopefully you figure this out before you get your first phone bill!
  • Minimise use – and only pay for what you use. Cut back on water, power and phone use to save.
  • Use cloth nappies whenever possible, and limit the disposables to night time use or when you’re out. Cloth nappies will more than pay for themselves!
  • Use kitchen chux as nappy liners – you can wash and reuse! And store some chux in water mixed with a moisturising cream or baby oil to use as wipes. Again, they can be washed and reused.
  • Breast is best – and cheapest!
  • Make your own baby food – simply blend up what you’re eating for dinner (making sure the ingredients are suitable for baby of course).
  • Bake your own cookies and cakes with older children, rather then buying them from the shop. Baked goods are better because they’re made with love!
  • Don’t go overboard with nursery furniture and kids clothes – second hand and hand-me-downs are fine. And you don’t need a pram designed by NASA!!
  • Similarly with toys, a few good quality toys is all your children need. Kids can make their own fun from old boxes and toilet rolls!
  • Cut back on meat and expensive raw ingredients. You can use red/ kidney beans and vegetables as healthy fillers.
  • Love left overs and learn to become creative with them. Bolognaise mince goes well in toasted sandwiches the next day!
  • Find a selection of cheap meals you can cook at home and enjoy eating, and avoid eating out except on special occasions.
  • Water cleans most things on its own!
  • Reuse old undies and singlets for cleaning clothes and rags.
  • Make your own cleaning products.
  • Invest in drip-dry and easy maintenance clothing – they will be cheaper to look after and keep looking good.
  • Get and easy to maintain hair style that doesn’t need lots of product or styling to keep looking good. And try the do-it-yourself hair colouring rather than getting it done in a saloon.
  • Make your own beauty products or just use a simple cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen.
Home Accessories
  • Remember – you don’t have to buy everything your neighbours or friends or buying. Only get what you need and can afford.
  • Consider leasing furniture and electrical goods, rather than buying. Or purchase second hand.

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